Phi Woodworking & Design

​Heirloom quality fine furniture, decor, and custom products

My name is Bob Smielecki and I operate Phi Woodworking and Design to share my passion for well made furniture, decor and other products to fit your needs.  I have a diverse educational and vocational background in the areas of design, engineering, and manufacturing that feed and inform every aspect of what I do.

Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss how I can create something taylor made for you.

What is Phi?

The Greek letter phi is sometimes used as a variable to represent a value approximate to 1.618.  This value, when used in applications of design, uncannily produces proportions and elements that are pleasing to the eye.  Commonly referred to as the golden ratio, it is found all throughout furniture design, architecture, and even nature.  It is the foundation for many elements of my designs and, thus, the namesake of my business.